“Health is wealth” is something that we hear time and again. Whenever someone gets sick, or whenever someone says he is not feeling well, he is told to get some rest and follow doctor’s orders because health is wealth. This is true, of course; because if you do not take care of your health early on in your life, you will end up spending most of your hard-earned money on doctor’s fees, hospital bills, and medications.

Tea Off was created because we are aware that there is a need for people to know the importance of taking care of one’s health. It was created as a guide for people who want to stay healthy, eat healthy, get fit, and live long.

Tea Off is where you will find helpful information about issues related to health and diet. Aside from news and updates, our website also features tips & tricks, how-tos, success stories, special features, and videos, among many others. Likewise, Tea Off is where you will find detailed information about proper exercise and diet, along with discussions involving its online community members. From time-to-time, Tea Off also features articles by healthcare and medical professionals.

The team behind Tea Off is composed of individuals who have made it their mission to be of service to others in various ways. They are passionate and dedicated to their mission of seeing a happier and healthier world for everyone. Tea Off aims to make life more convenient and comfortable by encouraging people to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.