Want to Know How to Have a Healthy Brain? Here are Five Tips for You

In school, children are taught activities that help stimulate their brain. At home, parents encourage their children to exercise their brain. Having a healthy brain has always been a priority for many. This is why stores sell memory cards, puzzles, and other similar educational toys and activity materials. This is also why a lot of parents (and teachers) promote reading to children. Reading, many say, can help the brain function better.

As children grow up, however, priorities often change, and all the brain stimulating activities are left on the sidelines. Parents remind their kids to exercise their brains, but not as much as they did when the children were younger.

In school, there are still activities for the brain, but other major concerns often steal students’ attention. As a result, after finishing college, many fresh graduates often get blinded by the harsh realities of the real world.

And because their cognitive skills have been sidelined for quite a time, the adjustment period often lasts long. This is why it is important for a person – young or old – to be mindful of his brain health. It may sound difficult, but as long as you follow some tips and suggestions, improving your cognitive skills and getting a healthy brain can be easy.

Be active and exercise regularly

An active body equates to an active brain. For your brain to work well, it needs proper circulation and blood flow, as well as the right amount of oxygen. Regular exercise helps regulate circulation and oxygen and blood flow to the brain. You don’t have to enroll in a gym or workout every day (although this would be the best action to take); you can simply do some aerobic exercises at home at least three times a week. As long as you are active, your brain will be healthy.

Proper diet is important

Eating the right kind and amount of food is essential for brain health. Diseases like Dementia can be prevented if you follow a diet that’s high in protein and sugar but low in cholesterol and fat. Additionally, a diet that is low in fat will lessen your risk of developing Alzheimer’s Disease. Your diet should be colorful – loaded with vegetables, fish (cold water), and fruits with dark skin. Along with proper diet, it is important to take supplements like nootropics for memory, which are good for boosting brain health.

Stop smoking and drinking. Don’t do drugs

Excessive smoking and drinking, as well as ingesting drugs, can affect brain function, thereby affecting your cognitive development. These substances alter your mood, so they affect your emotion and way of thinking. As such, you can suffer from lack of motivation, lowered self-confidence, reduced focus, and your memory will be affected.

Exercise your brain

Find time to exercise your brain. Get off the couch and turn off the TV set and tablet. Find a good book to read. Play games like Scrabble or Pictionary. Find any strategy game that you can play. Answer the daily crossword puzzle. Keeping your brain active will help improve blood flow.


It is important for you to meet people and build relationships. Go out with friends, communicate with them, and do fun activities with them. Go out on adventures. Learn new things and take on challenges. This will help keep your blood pumping and your brain active.

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